Desktop Screensavers.

If you like gif images rather then desktop screensavers. See at bottom of page.

Desktop screensavers work nicely on xp, win7&8 and ancient dino's.

Light in the Dark $.88

Everlasting Beautiful Mystical screensaver with a Holy Scripture. Soothing nature sounds. Wings flutter and butterfly.

Sword of the Spirit - 2.00

Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path. Two Swords.

Rivers of living Water- $2.00

For XP_Win7_Win8

Everlasting Water Warrior is thinking and pondering what is this "Water" in the Words in the Water and if he should take a cool quenching drink for he traveled a distance from hunting.

Mystery Sword - $2.00

For XP_Win7_Win8

Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path...
Enjoy this Sword of the Spirit Background thunder and rain nature sound background. One Sword.

Kehewtechs 8 Photos - $2.00


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Kehewtechs 10 Gifs - 7.99

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Everlasting Gif image.

Reflections in Water - $2.00

Traditional Dancer finds solitude in the silence and snow falling gently. Enjoy the scene with the Warrior. One Sword.

Everlasting - $.88

Sparkling atmosphere with shine in the summers breeze.