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In Memory:
Ryan C John Bubba 1983-2007

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What was Stolen must be Returned

Screensavers & Gif images Resources

Each of the screensavers have a Bible Scripture and url of the copyright of the screensavers which is or

Apple Mac & iphone Screensavers soon and Gifs to check out for your use. Thanks for your support and have a good day.

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If Chrome Browser warns and that users should ignore the warning when downloading the file! All our screensavers are rechecked for Malware and phishing. Thanks for checking our screensavers. If you want only the image then please contact us.

Light in the Dark

For XP_Win7_Win8 - screensaver $2.00

Everlasting Beautiful Mystical screensaver with a Holy Scripture.


Sword of the Spirit

For XP_Win7_Win8 - Screensaver $2.00

Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path.


Reflections in Water

For XP_Win7_Win8 - Screensaver $2.00

Warrior is thinking and pondering what is this "Water" in the Words in the Water and if he should take a cool quenching drink for he traveled a distance from hunting.


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Mystery Sword

For XP_Win7_Win8 - Screensaver $2.00
Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path...
Enjoy this Sword of the Spirit Background thunder and rain nature sound background.



Reflections in Water 2

For XP_Win7_Win8 - Screensaver $2.00 Gently falling snow on Water.


Summer's Day Screensaver

Buy for .99

St.Joes Hill - Day OR Night

Download Day screensaver


Download Night screensaver








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