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In Memory:
Ryan C John Bubba 1983-2007

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Check out our new gifs images at screensavers. All proceeds go to the development of this website and events and Charity!

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A time to give up something for the new year.

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For Sale: Photo Canvas - little girl with puppy.

36 x 24 Photo Canvas - Signature bottom right -

For more info of this beautiful picture of a little girl with puppy. Bidding starts at 250.00 with shipping and handling of 24.00.


More info: EBay - photo canvas - Little Girl

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Educated Illustrations Native ClipArt

Dedicated to my sister-in-law Debbie Morin... In Memory, with much respect. She was a artist that had a bright face to her illustrated Art.

Insights: Rez Dogs

 Today and yesterday was a sad day for me because I had to give up my German Shepard. All year I kept him good. I fed him, if I knew there was no more dog food for him, i would make out of my way to get him some. I got him as a sweet puppy. He had a funny way of looking at you, in a dopey side way look. Soon he grew too big that he was strong and fearless. Children loved him. He got to be very big that he pushed smaller kids that he didn't mean. He was only a big pup that wanted to play...more

Screensaver and Gif images info...

Our Screensaver is created by Adobe software and by Artist & Computer Tech: Ezra
Feel free to share our Gifs and this one is almost exactly like the screensaver we created for a price of 4.99. All proceeds go to this Website and Events and Charity. Thanks for your Donations. We appreciate your business so you can succeed... and thanks for stopping by.


Sword of the Spirit Screensaver
Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path.

* Note: Updated, now compatible for windows 7

Kehewin - 2015 K.C.E.C Graduates

Congrats to yesterdays Grads!!!

Starry Night, Starry Night,
The stars shining in the sky.
The stars twinkling in the sky.
Like the sun in the daytime sky.
Or the moon in the early evening.
Yesterday fades away...
Over the horizon
is a brand new day.

Past Event: Halloween Boo-ificent Trail. Oct 26, 2014

Well another has come and gone and another Spectakular! year of the spooky trail.


Sound person: Melvin John
Halloween Decorators: Desiree John, Delores Morin, Yvonne John and Ezra.
Participates: Youths and older folk of Kehewin.. Me and you and Dog named Boo! .. man was it every the scariest this year!!!

Final Curtain: Haloween Rez Trails!! Oct 39, 2015
More info...

Well this will be our final run of Halloween time. It was fun but each one of us are moving on as the River must flow.

Sound person: Melvin John
Halloween Decorators: Desiree John, Delores Morin, and Ezra.
Video: Specal Thanks to Amber Kehewin for creating the Halloween Rez Trail Video!
Participates: This year was a happy fun time with the kids so alls good.


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