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Digital Screensavers

In Memory:
Ryan C John Bubba 1983-2007


Under Construction

Light in the Dark $.88

Everlasting Beautiful Mystical screensaver with a Holy Scripture. Soothing nature sounds. Wings flutter and butterfly.

Sword of the Spirit - 2.00

Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path. Two Swords.

Rivers of living Water- $2.00

For Desktops - Everlasting Water Warrior is thinking and pondering what is this "Water" in the Words in the Water and if he should take a cool quenching drink for he traveled a distance from hunting.

Mystery Sword - $2.00

Desktops - Traditional Dancer finds Treasure in his path...
Enjoy this Sword of the Spirit Background thunder and rain nature sound background. One Sword.


Kehewtechs 8 Photos - $2.00


Royalty-Free Black And White School Clipart graphics.

Click on picture to enlarge image and right clickand save to your computer. Or you can just download the whole Zip folder of all the clipart.

Dedicated to the memory of Debbie Morin & Stanley John (Stan the Man) from Maskwacis AB (aka. Hobbema Alberta.
Donate for all ClipArt graphics in zip folder for $7.99

Download Native clipart at Debbie&Stan's Page


Kehewtechs 10 Gifs - 7.99

Thank you for supporting Kehewtechs. We salute you.

Sample - Everlasting Gif image.

Reflections in Water - $2.00

Traditional Dancer finds solitude in the silence and snow falling gently. Enjoy the scene with the Warrior. One Sword.


Everlasting - $.88

Sparkling atmosphere with shine in the summers breeze.



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