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Happy New Year! 2018

There are Digital Arts here, such as Native Graphics. They great for education and coloring. And if you have a desktop which is rare.. lol , you can enjoy our screensavers which some are for sale for this is how we run our network by selling our beautiful work to you as a customer. You have a good day and many blessing to you on this new year and beyond."Hia Hia (Cree) Thank you"

gifs/screensavers - link here

More... Videos at ComputerRezzed YouTube Channel.

Amazing Grace - with a touch of
"House of the Rising Sun"
Lisa Stanley / Crookedneck

Our free Native clipArts may be used on your personal, non profit educational (including school projects) and social networking pages. Thanks for giving credit to

Listen inspiring MP3

Free To Do - Kathryn Kulman

If Only You Knew - Kathryn Kulman

Baby Eagles - Pastor Martin Naistus

Happy Valentines...

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